It's Never Too Late for Another Mardi Gras Party

Sure, Mardi Gras was almost two weeks ago, but we never miss a chance to don masquerade masks and boas. The MADI Art Museum and Gallery (3109 Carlisle St.) apparently shares our affinity for king cake and booze and is hosting MADI Gras, a daylong celebration of art, food and music. The festivities start at noon tomorrow with music from Texas Gypsies and a performance from a swing dancing troupe. We're not exactly sure what swing dancing and Mardi Gras have in common, but we'll go with it. Andre Natera of Pyramid Restaurant & Bar and Justin Fourton of Pecan Lodge Catering will prepare MADI-inspired dishes for the crowd, and ice sculptor Dean DeMarais will transform a block of ice into a bust of museum founder Arden Quin. There's also a fashion show, among other events, scheduled. Bring your beads -- but leave your shirt on -- for this Fat Saturday event.

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