We ordered ours because the girl next to us had one. So then we had to have one.EXPAND
We ordered ours because the girl next to us had one. So then we had to have one.
Susie Oszustowicz

The Ranch Water at Jalisco Norte Is a Texas Classic That's Light on Calories

For those of you holding on to the whole "get healthy this year" thing, good for you. Here's something to help: Jalisco Norte's four Ranch Water options. For the less Texany Texans out there, a Ranch Water is about as Texan a cocktail as you can get: tequila, lime and Topo. Pretty easy.

Jalisco Norte offers us four Ranch Water takes. Our favorite, the Early Riser, brings together the traditional elements and adds a touch of tamarind-hibiscus to give it a beautiful color and a fresh flavor. Even better, since Topo Chico is, like, the thing right now, you look cool holding the bottle it's served in. Basically, it's just the thing to get us through these weird 60-degrees-in-January days and not ruin our resolutions ... yet.

Early Riser ($10): Casamigos Blanco Tequila, tamarind-hibiscus, lime juice, Topo Chico

Jalisco Norte, 3858 Oak Lawn Ave. (Oak Lawn)

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