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The Dive Bar Lee Harvey's Put in a Pool and it Might Save Summer

You can get day or season passes for summer-long fun.
You can get day or season passes for summer-long fun. Alex Gonzalez
Lee Harvey's is taking the phrase “dive bar” to another level. This past May, The Cedars' favorite announced the opening of a new pool, and for the past few months, it’s been one of the buzziest places to swim in Dallas. Given this summer’s record-breaking heat and the fact that the weather isn’t getting any cooler anytime soon, Lee Harvey’s Dive In is the bar we all need.

Lee Harvey’s is known for its grungy indoor aesthetic and its large outdoor patio, but at this point during the summer, the latter sounds miserable. Across the street from the bar, Lee Harvey's Dive In also attracts folks from all walks of life, maintaining the diverse, welcoming spirit of the original bar.

For $16, you can swim for the whole day, or you can purchase a single or family season pass for $350–$500. It should be noted this pool does seem to be more geared toward adults than families. Season pass holders can also reserve cabanas. Non-season pass holders who wish to hold a cabana for the day can rent only what’s available on the day of.

Perhaps Lee Harvey’s Dive In is most similar to the Fraternal Order of Eagles in East Dallas, albeit slightly more updated and modernized, with a more minimalist aesthetic. The pool is only 5 feet deep (as opposed to FOE’s 9), which is ideal, given the freely flowing drinks here. Kids 12 and under are allowed at the Dive In only until 5 p.m., so adults can look forward to festive evenings without loud children running around.
On any given day or night, Lee Harvey’s attracts a generally older crowd of boomers as well as hipsters in their 20s or 30s. But the pool also lures those who might regularly frequent bougie hotel pools like The Statler or The Adolphus. During our visit, a DJ was cranking out a mix of pop and hip-hop tunes, many of which were millennial favorites from the mid-to-late aughts.

At the bar, guests can order traditional drinks, like vodka crans and gin and tonics, as well as margaritas, bloody Marys, mimosas and white wine spritzes. Poolside snacks such as truffle popcorn, hummus dip, charcuterie plates, Caprese salad, a chicken club wrap and a madras curry chicken wrap are also available for purchase.

Lee Harvey’s Dive In certainly merits the hype it’s received throughout the summer. While parking is definitely a challenge in the Cedars, this clean, refreshing pool is worth the trouble.

Lee Harvey’s Dive-In, 1315 Beaumont St. (Cedars). Open daily, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
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