You won't say boo to the simplicity of this cocktail.EXPAND
You won't say boo to the simplicity of this cocktail.
courtesy of Mudhen

Mudhen Gets Spooky With the Bourbon BooCha

Mudhen Meat & Greens wants you to get your creep on this Halloween and take care of your gut at the same time. That's right — they're offering a kombucha cocktail. To be honest, we're kind of into it. You get kombucha (a fermented tea beverage that has a tiny amount of alcohol) for your intestinal health and bourbon for your mental health. Seems perfect to us.

Mudhen will offer this and two other Halloween-esque cocktails on Oct. 27 for $8. Oh, and wear a costume and you'll get a complimentary appetizer.

Bourbon BoooCha ($8): Bourbon, seasonal Kombucha

Mudhen Meat & Greens, 900 South Harwood St. (Farmers Market)

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