Pie Fans: Go to Lekka. Now.

Remember Obzeet, that groovy little restaurant/bar/tchotchke shop on Preston Road in North Dallas? It was a fun place to unwind with friends and enjoy live music on the patio, even if the tiny parking lot was incredibly hard to navigate (I think the translation of “Obzeet” is roughly something like “It’ll buff out.”). Well, it’s been reincarnated, relocated just a little further south on Preston, and renamed Lekka. The cool vibe and live music remain, but the parking situation has vastly improved. You probably knew all of that already, but do you know about their banana caramel pecan pie? If you’re a pie fan, this is definitely on your to-try list.

This is some serious pie. It’s everything you love about banana pudding — except, uh, pudding — and better. It consists of freshly whipped cream, banana slices, pecan halves, ground pecans, gooey, salted caramel and a top-secret crust. My guess is it’s composed of ground Nilla wafers or shortbread. I would spill the beans if I knew, but my waiter explained that their pastry chef is very hush-hush about it. This surprises me, as some of the best pastry chefs in Dallas have been generous in sharing information and even full-blown recipes when asked. Then, I can’t say I blame the guy. If I could make a pie this impressive, I would probably shroud myself in Great and Powerful Oz secrecy.  I don’t know if your crotch sweat has tipped you off yet, but it’s summer. I counted six misting fans on Lekka’s patio, and by my calculations, even on a 95 degree day, you can still remain relatively comfortable out there with your glorious hunk of pie. But you’re going to need a drink. A cold beer would probably do it, or you could order a cocktail with a confusing name (a “Yebo” is a martini) or questionable ingredients (the “Jackaranda” contains Razzmatazz). My suggestion? Order a rum and pineapple juice. As any bananas foster connoisseur knows, rum and bananas are BFFs, and the same concept works here.

Time your visit during happy hour specials (Monday through Friday 4-7 and all day Saturday and Sunday), and you may save yourself enough cash to bring home one of Lekka’s Himalayan salt lamps. As for claims that the lamps can work hippie magic on your aura or allergies, proof remains to be seen, but I can vouch for the pie. That magic is real.

Lekka, 17606 Preston Road, lekkashop.com

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.