Royal Blue Grocery to Open in Highland Park Village

The Highland Park Village's Tom Thumb location has been long gone, but the replacement grocery remained a mystery until yesterday when Austin-based Royal Blue Grocery announced they would open in the renovated space. The grocery is expected to open in early October.

While Royal Blue Grocery is based in Austin, the Highland Park Village location is locally owned by Dallas residents Zac Porter, Emily Ray-Porter and Cullen Potts. Dallas' newest grocery will cover 6,000 square feet over two levels and be devoted to produce, a bakery, a butcher counter, plus deli, floral, beer, wine and household items. Customers can purchase gourmet wine and Clorox in one go.

The fancy grocery is also taking a cue from the new Whole Foods locations that have opened in the area, offering ready-made meals across breakfast, lunch and dinner. While Royal Blue Grocery doesn't offer a bar for tossing back cold ones after a long day of pushing the cursor across the screen, it does offer a coffee bar. So, there's that. A café space will seat 70 who want to sit down and eat.

The best part, for neighborhood locals, is the hours. The grocery will be open from 7 a.m.-midnight daily.

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