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Tasting Lakewood Brewing Company's Newish Lakewood Lager

Anyone else have beer on the brain? Lauren's cover story on the second rising of craft brewing in the DFW area and the Texas legislation that's been smothering it has me dreaming of bubbling amber glasses of keg-nectar.

Last night I stopped by the Libertine and ordered Lakewood Brewing Co.'s Lakewood Lager. I'd stumbled upon their Rock Ryder and Hop Trapp at Goodfriend and was impressed with their balanced flavor and restrained use of hops. Their latest beer didn't disappoint either.

The lager presents a copper color and smells sweet with caramel and malt. At first sip that sweetness is subtly apparent, but the finish allows bitter hoppy flavors to come to the forefront. There's a lot of flavor packed into each glass, but its light and very drinkable, and at 4.6 percent ABV you can afford to drink a round or seven before you're put out of commission.

If you're interested in trying the lager for yourself, it's on tap at these bars around the Dallas area. Remember to call ahead though. With beer this good bars often run out.

Libertine Lakewood First and Ten Goodfriend Common Table Tried and True Cosmos Lounge Trinity Hall

If you'd like to meet the brewmasters responsible for these beers you can check out their Halloween tour at the brewery this weekend. Club Wood will be playing and the Yum Yum food truck will be there. They'll also have special cask versions of some of their beers including Super Trap, a version of Hop Trapp with orange peel and coriander that's double dry hopped.

The party is this Saturday from noon to 3:30 p.m. at the brewery. (2302 Executive Drive, Garland)

Special cask versions of some of the beers will be available including Super Trap, a version of Hop Trapp with orange peel and coriander that's double dry hopped.

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