Bolsa's patio is sweet, rustic and all-weather.EXPAND
Bolsa's patio is sweet, rustic and all-weather.
courtesy Bolsa

Sunny With a Chance of AC: The Best Climate-Controlled Patios In Dallas

It ain't easy being in Texas in the summer. It's even more difficult to enjoy a patio, and it's especially difficult to do so with a warm entree steaming up your face. With long summer days in mind, we've rounded up our favorite patios to have a drink or a meal without having to deal with annoying things like rain, mosquitoes or 100-degree days.

614 W. Davis St. (Oak Cliff)
A visit to the Bishop Arts District isn't complete without a jog over to Bolsa. Its thoughtfully executed farm-to-table menu doesn't get too stuffy to enjoy on a picnic table (a high-end one, of course). This spot is one of Dallas' best for brunch, thanks to its reinforced windows that keep the whole thing cool for maximum food enjoyment.

Toulouse at Legacy WestEXPAND
Toulouse at Legacy West
courtesy Toulouse

Toulouse Cafe & Bar
3314 Knox St. (Knox/Henderson)
7301 Windrose Ave., Plano (Legacy West)

Both of Toulouse's DFW locations offer the chance for French favorites and great people watching, be it on Knox Street or the streets of Plano's Legacy West. Just don't forget to say "merci" upon leaving.

Sunny With a Chance of AC: The Best Climate-Controlled Patios In DallasEXPAND
courtesy Waterproof

1914 Commerce St. (Downtown)
Great views, great drinks and the chance to dip your toe in a historic pool? Don't mind if we do. Throw in a statue of Linda Lee, Waterproof's famous lama, and we're never leaving.

Sixty Vines PlanoEXPAND
Sixty Vines Plano
courtesy Sixty Vines

The Greenhouse at Sixty Vines
3701 Dallas Parkway, Plano
Plano, we've found your spot to sip wine. This delightful, modern "outdoor" space lets diners and drinkers enjoy wine on tap in a greenhouse-like environment that spares you from greenhouse-like humidity.

Sunny With a Chance of AC: The Best Climate-Controlled Patios In Dallas
courtesy Rise

rise nº1 & rise nº3 Salon de Soufflé
5360 West Lovers Lane (Preston Hollow)
5135 Monahans Ave., Fort Worth

How hard is it to get a soufflé to rise perfectly? Really damn difficult. Now, how hard is it to give us an attractive patio that keeps us attractive and our dogs comfortable? Easy enough for Dallas' favorite soufflé purveyor. For Rise, it's no sweat. Just don't forget to preorder the violet dessert soufflé.

Americano will get you on Italian time.
Americano will get you on Italian time.
courtesy Americano

1530 Main St. (Downtown)
This downtown Italian spot offers all the best things: pizza, great views of a giant eyeball (because why not?), fried olives and, best yet, a blasting AC. Grab a negroni and pizza and stay awhile.

Sunny With a Chance of AC: The Best Climate-Controlled Patios In Dallas
courtesy Chelsea Corner

Chelsea Corner
4830 McKinney Ave. (Knox/Henderson)
The dark horse at McKinney and Monticello avenues, formerly Corner Bar, offers fully air-conditioned seating across the front of the restaurant and in the back, overlooking a massive outdoor patio. All the better to watch the Southern Methodist University co-eds dance to old-school music videos while sipping a cocktail from a red Solo cup.

Taverna Knox Henderson
Taverna Knox Henderson
courtesy Taverna

3312 Knox St. (Knox/Henderson)
Toulouse's Knox Street and Legacy West neighbor, Taverna, has lovely temporary "walls" that allows guests to enjoy their thin-crust pizzas (like the buratta pizza, a favorite) on a fully air-conditioned patio. And grazie mille for that.

Sunny With a Chance of AC: The Best Climate-Controlled Patios In DallasEXPAND
courtesy Oak

1628 Oak Lawn Ave. (Design District)
This Design District food phenom offers a small patio, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. It's an ideal spot to split a glass of wine after a designy day in the neighborhood. 

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