The Cedars Backyard, Dallas' First Shipping Container Bar, is Kitschy Cool with a View

Plenty of beer taps: Check.
Multicolored Christmas lights: Check.
Picnic tables: Check.
A brilliant skyline view: Check.
A ton of kitsch: Double check.

It seems Dallas's first shipping container bar, The Cedars Backyard, which officially opened Nov. 4 as an offshoot of The Cedars Social, is the perfect intersection of kitsch and cool. Think Truck Yard meets The Lot. Think Airstream meets Winnebago.

The Cedars Social's new owners, Jeffrey Yarbrough and Chad Boyle, decided that Dallas needed a little something new, and apparently utilizing a shipping container as a "fully operational bar" was that something new. With help from Mod Pod Solutions (owned by Joe Duncan, who happens to also own Baker's Ribs BBQ), the Tiffany-blue recycled shipping container is the centerpiece of the colorful hangout. Throw in picnic tables and brightly-colored chairs and you've got a delightfully simple and welcoming outdoor bar.

The idea is simple: give Dallas an affordable place to hang out. With 15 beers (DEBC Local Legent, Revolver Blood and Honey, etc.) and cocktails on tap (think Honeysuckle Shandy and a Date Old Fashioned), it's a laid-back place to stop for a drink or three, and really the perfect place to spend a Sunday Funday guzzling local brews and playing backyard games.

As of right now, food from The Cedars Social cannot be taken onto the patio, but they'll be hosting food trucks and even some "pop-in guest chefs" before too long, owners say. The backyard bar is only open Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays and is sensitive to inclement weather, so plan ahead.

The Cedars Backyard, 1326 S. Lamar St.
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Susie Oszustowicz