The Irish Coffee at Pappas Bros. Sings with a Touch of Amaro Montenegro

While it looks like any other Irish coffee, something beautiful lies within.
While it looks like any other Irish coffee, something beautiful lies within. courtesy Pappas Bros.
Irish coffee has become as much of a classic cocktail as the Old-Fashioned or the Manhattan. And like a great Old-Fashioned, we love a new take on the old standbys.

Pappas Bros. always does things a little differently in their bar, and their Irish coffee is no exception. They start out as most others do — with coffee, fresh whipped cream and Irish whiskey (in this case, Jameson Black Barrel) — and then it goes off the deep end. Instead of the traditional brown sugar, they opt for a dark sugar blend to give it a caramel note, and then finish the whole situation off with Amaro Montenegro, a bitter and sweet amaro with beautiful orange notes. The amaro adds a beautiful complexity to perfection.

Pappas Bros. Irish Coffee ($13): Jameson Black Barrel, Amaro Montenegro, a dark sugar blend, coffee and lightly whipped cream 
Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, 10477 Lombardy Lane (Northwest Dallas)
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Susie Oszustowicz