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Why Can't We Be Better to Animals?

I'm having a really hard time with the death of the Dallas Zoo's baby giraffe, Kipenzi. Earlier...


Top Dallas Arts & Culture News

A Group of Artists and Musicians Wants to Make a…

This Friday evening at 6 o’clock, if you see a bunch of people holding hands in a long line from...

Arts & Culture News

Top Dallas Arts & Culture News

All the Art Exhibitions to See in Dallas This…

You're running out of time to see a few of my favorite exhibitions so far this year, so I've...

Visual Art

Top Dallas Arts & Culture News

Ashley Sosa on Stocking Plus-Size Clothes

We’ve already established that there is a depressing dearth of fashionable plus-size clothing in...


Top Dallas Arts & Culture News

Moore Bitter Blues: Othello Lacks Heat

Be afeard, the aisle is full of noises. Also the stage, the exits and the stairwell in Second...



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