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10 Cool Airbnb's In Dallas

In February, a few of my friends wanted to hit the slopes in Aspen. We had a friend who'd recently moved to Snowmass, where snow is plentiful and pot is legal. To save a little bit of money we rented a condo from Airbnb. I was skeptical about sleeping in someone else's bed and using their dishes, but there was a wood-burning fireplace, a community hot tub, and we would be saving hundreds of dollars. Sold.

Last week, I used Airbnb for the second time. We were in Denton for the night and didn't want to worry about drinking too much to drive. For $50 we stayed in the back room of a lovely little home just minutes from the square. Sure, it's odd to invade a stranger's home, but I'm starting to buy into the sharing culture, one stay at a time. So I've rounded up some of the places I'd consider spending the night, if I were visiting Dallas.

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