Best Date Nights in Dallas

Listen up Dallas; I have a bone to pick with you. You don't know a single dang thing about dating! Why would you with your Tinder meet-ups and Groupster hangs (is Groupster still a thing?) and frankly, I really can't blame you. We live in an age where dating is harder than ever (check out Aziz Ansari to get caught up on the issue). Heaven forbid that we go to dinner with someone before we are certain that we are going to be together forever, or talk face-to-face rather than go through mindless games via SMS (that is text messaging for all you old timers out there).

Even when we do land a date, do we know how to do anything other than drinks and dinner, and then more drinks? Amazon can deliver a package in an hour, but we can't figure out something fun and different to do in one of the greatest cities in America for an evening (If only they could deliver you some game. #AmIRight?). What happened to the days of our grandparents when a date was nothing more than having a fantastically creative night out with someone you had only seen or met a few times? The funny thing is that I bet everyone out there would love it if things went back to how the old days were, when there wasn't so much pressure in defining a night out with a significant other (Defining an evening out before defining the relationship is a real issue people).

With all that said, we've found a whole heap of things that would be fun for you and someone special to get out and go do. No, it doesn't involve a steak dinner or a pricey bar you probably can't afford, but I guarantee it will be a better time out with someone than you have had in a while. So use your words (not your thumbs) and go try something different for a change. Follow my advice and who knows- maybe next time your mom calls, she won't have to remind you that she had to lie about your relationship status to all her friends again today.

The All-In-One Date Bishop Arts is becoming a mecca of all things hip and hipster, so why not take a date down there and show them that you know a thing or two about being cultured. Right off Davis Street is the perfect strip for a phenomenal date, and hey, you only have to park once! Hit up Davis Street Espresso for some conversations and coffee. Follow it up by exploring your hipster side and trying on some shades at Glass Optical. Grab an ironic T and remember what Vinyl is at Spinster Records. Finally top it all off at Joy Macarons and find yourself in love before you can say "Paris".

The Daring Date This one is for all you James Bonds out there that think a "hidden" but advertised speakeasy is the most daring thing you could do for an evening. While we cannot fully condone or release the exact whereabouts of the following date spots (some may involve slight trespassing) we can tell you that getting out and exploring this city might be the most rewarding date you will ever have. A couple of things that you may want to explore include an uptown tower with 360 degree views, some stellar lights underneath Dallas's most famous bridge, and a rooftop in Deep Ellum where Dallas will show off its skyline in a way you've never seen before.

The Outside Date Unless you are a vampire of sorts, you've probably noticed that it can be absolutely gorgeous outside this time of year. So why not spend the day soaking up some vitamin D with that special someone? Start by purchasing an ENO or Kammock hammock (a purchase you will enjoy regardless of relationship status). Next go find the perfect park spot, and class things up a bit with a wine and picnic basket from Scardello Cheese. When it gets too hot, why not try your hand at stand up paddleboarding over at White Rock Lake. Finally, if you are really getting serious (because it will cost you some dough) hit up the folks over at Epic Helicopters and get a flight over Dallas you will never forget.

The "Give Your Friends FOMO" Date Aren't you tired of your friends finding the next cool hip thing before you do? Why not give your date something to brag about by hitting up some truly classic out-of-the-box activities that will make The Bachelor look like child's play. For a true classic, check out Shelley Carrol Monday night jazz which, just a few weeks ago, moved over to The Underpass bar. For a lighter note, check out just about any act or group over at the Dallas Comedy House. Finally, why not throw down some robotic moves on a Dallas Segway Tour and soak up some history while riding on the future.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.