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Fancy Yourself a Star of the Silver Screen? Show Up This Weekend

Sometimes it doesn't matter how you break into a trade, just that you took the initiative to do it. Maxima Visions Productions would like to save souls via feature films; the Christian movie company is seeking talent, and well, they don't look all that picky.

Since Maxima Visions is relatively unknown to any distributor that doesn't use Jesus in its logo, they don't require too much time for polishing up a finished product. In fact, the company is slated to release two films a year for the next five years. Theoretically if cast, you could play 10 of 12 apostles. (If you're able to be picky in your Chosen Role, just go for whichever one has a book named after him.) Don't worry ladies, there are parts for you too.

Currently in the works is a film called Sister Surrendered, and in it two twins who leave the military try to reestablish their place in the world. Only problem? One develops a terrifying pain killer addiction. Here's a thought: sell yourself big time. Tell them you can be both parts, rather than forcing Maxima's casting department to find a couple gals who look kind of alike. Double pay. Double fame. And maybe a shot at recreating that scene from the Helen Hunt PSA where she blasts out the window, high on angel dust.

Headshots are encouraged. If you have one, bring it. If you don't, that's okay too. There will be a photographer on hand snapping pics of potential stars. Also requested: a page telling them a little about yourself. (Translation: that's where you talk about God.) Auditions are held on Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June 1 at the Texas Opry Theatre in Weatherford Texas, 319 York Avenue 3 blocks off the square.

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Jamie Laughlin
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