Few Turn Out for Retail Fashion's Night Out

Last night, Dallas fashionistas united in celebration of the third annual Fashion's Night Out. The "after hours shopping extravaganza" took place at, well, too many private events to count and a handful of public ones -- two of which we style-scoped.

The Galleria hosted a series of fashion shows on what they're calling the "longest catwalk in North America." The quarter mile "catwalk" -- a zigzagging black trail on the mall's floor -- spanned the length of the Galleria, as models styled in clothes from mall's shops flounced to and fro. The turnout wasn't huge, with most of the action taking place in a roped-off lounge area, smack dab in the center of the first floor walkway. But the overall energy was high, as dance music thumped and drinks flowed from the bar. (Check out a complete slideshow of the event here.)

Meanwhile, The West Village was quiet, with the exception of a DJ playing in the window of Demerara.

"Dallas wants to be this happening place, but when it comes down to it, all anybody wants to do is stay home and watch football," a stylish West Village sales clerk said while scanning the nearly empty sidewalk and remaining anonymous. The New Orleans Saints did play the Green Bay Packers last night, but surely not everybody could be watching football, could they? The night wasn't the hopping fashion soiree that it was talked up to be -- at least not at street level -- but those in attendance were dolled up and eager to strut their stuff.

Check out a few of our favorite shots from Fashion's Night Out events at the Galleria Dallas and West Village after the jump.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.