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On Your Mark, Get Set, Shoot! Registration Has Begun For The 24 Hour Video Race

Everyone loves healthy competition, especially when it doesn't involve any physical athleticism. Now in its 11th year, the 24 Hour Video Race has opened registration for this year's event. Only the first 100 teams who have filled out their forms and paid will be able to participate, so don't be left with tears on your camera lens. Get your crew together, stat.

This fest within a fest invites participation by cinemaphiles from ages Kindergarten to grown-upedness and challenges them to rise to a mighty and noble challenge: create a five minute film in 24 hours. On May 4th, those first 100 teams registered will gather at the Dallas Angelika Film Center at 11:50 p.m. and retrieve the details of this year's assignment.

Sure, you're eager now and you want to get started, but you're going to have to wait. Those trickster organizers have a few stipulations in place to keep go-getters like you in check: a theme, prop, location and a phrase all must be included in your film, but you won't know those until May 4.

Last year the Mixmaster crew filled up a hot tub with 5 Hour Energy Drinks and took a nice soak before they started on their mission. The theme was "A Day to Remember," and they had to incorporate a ball, a garden and the phrase "We can do that tomorrow." Evidence of what transpired in the 24 hours following is posted above.

Films that are finished, edited, saved and delivered in 24 hours are then screened and judged. Those that deemed Most Awesome are then shown at the 25th VideoFest at the DMA and also on the KERA show Frame of Mind.

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Jamie Laughlin
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