Synchronized Swimming Darlings The Aqualillies may Soon Have a Dallas Team

What started as an experiment, a refined water cabaret for high-end parties and marketing affairs, has become a phenomenon. Synchronized swimming troupe The Aqualillies are now engrained in pop culture thanks to Glee cameos, performances in Justin Bieber videos and roles as hired glam for major brand celebrations across the country. Last weekend the New York Times quoted Aqualillies creator Mesha Kussman as naming Dallas a prospective city for an upcoming regional team.

And why not? Dallas loves a pool party.

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Last summer The Aqualillies flew in from California to perform here at a swank Cointreau bash. There, under the gaze of glamorous host Dita Von Teese the girls danced, jumped and splashed around Ku De Ta's salt water pool to decade mashing rock 'n' soul tunes. That's what the brand has become known for. It's also why demand has accelerated enough to support the roughly 100 women currently performing in Aqualillies troupes across the country.

No time frame was listed as to when, exactly, Dallas will get its team of hydrodancers, but it was the only US city named. Before you get lofty goals of having the girls perform at your backyard pool next summer, know that these ladies don't come cheap. The Aqualillies charge between $5,000 and $40,000 per show.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.