Pick a High School Clique, and We’ll Give You the Perfect Dallas Date Spot

What were you like in high school, and maybe today?
What were you like in high school, and maybe today?
Stephen Masker
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As the great Bowling for Soup once said, “High school never ends.” Let’s face it, we’re all awkward 16-year-olds at heart. Luckily, Dallas has an endless number of places for everyone, nerds and goths alike, to make good use of our disposable income. So tell us which clique you belonged to back in the day, and we’ll give you some options.

The Popular Kids
These are the Regina Georges of the world. You were invited to all the cool parties, wore all the cool clothes and in fact, you dictated what was cool, and you probably also made fun of the kids who didn’t fit in. You’re still a total social butterfly to this day, but hopefully you’re just a little bit nicer.

Your perfect date night: A steak dinner at Nick & Sam’s (3008 Maple Ave), then head to Parliament (2418 Allen St.) for a fancy cocktail.

The Jocks
Sports = Life. You were always running to practice before or after school, and you couldn’t go anywhere without your empty milk jug full of water (hydration is key). Now, you yell at the TV during any and all games and tell everyone about that one time you scored that one goal. You’re probably also in better shape than any of us.

Your perfect date spots: Play a round of fake golf at TopGolf (8787 Park Lane) or grab tickets to a Texas Rangers game, run the Katy Trail, then grab a beer at Katy Trail Ice House (3127 Routh St.).

You are super smart, and you genuinely loved school. Of course, this meant that you were that one kid who got stuck doing all the work in group projects, and you probably didn’t have much of a social life. All that hard work totally paid off, and now you have a super-cool career that pays you lots of money …

Your perfect date spots: Head to the Perot Museum and marvel at the wonders of nature and science (2201 N. Field St.) or learn all about how beer is made at Community Brewery (530 Inspiration Drive #200).

The Artsy Crowd
Creativity is your outlet, and you find the beauty in everything. Back in high school, you were more into art class than algebra. Hopefully you’re a famous artist now, but you’ve probably found some way to indulge your creative side even if you’re stuck at the most mundane 9-to-5.

Your perfect date spots: Support a local artist at the monthly Deep Ellum Outdoor Market (100-199 N. Crowdus St.). Go check out the temporary Dior exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art (1717 N. Harwood St.), a local gallery like Kettle Art (2650 Main St.), a play at Ochre House Theater (825 Exposition Ave.) or ask an expert mixologist to make you an artful cocktail at Black Swan Saloon (2708 Elm St.).

Goth/Emo Kids
You had a lot of feelings, which you channeled into your appearance. We’re talking all-black everything and way too much eyeliner. You may have looked intimidating, but you were actually a sweetheart if people took the time to get to know you. You still don’t own an item of clothing that isn’t black.

Your perfect date spots: Start out with a cocktail at the dimly lit Twilite Lounge (2640 Elm St.), enjoy a rock show at Trees (2709 Elm St.) and dance the night away at the Nines (2911 Main St.).

Band Geeks
The band room was your hangout spot, even when you didn’t have practice. You didn’t have a social life outside of your band friends, because you were too busy either practicing your instrument or going to competitions on the weekends. You still arrive at least five minutes early everywhere you go.

Your perfect date spot: Treat yourself to a swanky night out with a Dallas Symphony Orchestra concert (2301 Flora St.). Get there early for a glass of wine in the Meyerson Symphony Center lobby before the show begins. Or check out the classical open mic every Tuesday from 8 to 11 p.m. at Buzzbrews (4334 Lemmon Ave.).

You did your own thing and didn’t need friends. You always had your face in a book or headphones in your ears, mostly so people wouldn’t talk to you. You’ve learned to come out of your shell when necessary, but you still prefer being a lone wolf.

Your perfect date spot: Catch a movie at Alamo Drafthouse Cedars (1005 S Lamar St.). You can have dinner and drinks during the movie without interacting with a single human being. Thank you, order cards.

Everything in your wardrobe had flowers on it somewhere, and you still appreciate Boho style today. You decided to be a vegan early on, and you haven’t looked back since.

Your perfect date spots: Walk among some beautiful flowers at the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens (8525 Garland Road) and then head to the uber-cool Oak Cliff vegan paradise, Spiral Diner for a meal (1101 N. Beckley Ave.), get a vegetarian Indian meal or do yoga at the colorful Cosmic Cafe (2912 Oak Lawn) or sit under the tree at the Hare Krishna temple/buffet-style restaurant Kalachandji's (5430 Gurley Ave.).

Straight Edge
You were the teacher’s pet and probably also a know-it-all, which annoyed the shit out of the other kids. You never touched drugs or alcohol in school, went to church every Sunday and stayed out of trouble.

Your perfect date spot: There’s nothing more wholesome than animals, so you should check out the Dallas Zoo (650 South R.L.Thornton Freeway). Then head to Trinity Groves for a sweet treat at Cake Bar (3011 Gulden Lane).

You were most likely smoking pot under the bleachers during PE class, that is, if you bothered to show up to school at all. But you were a lot smarter than you looked, and today you’ve mostly cleaned up your act.

Your perfect date spots: Soak in some nature at White Rock Lake or Klyde Warren Park (2012 Woodall Rodgers Freeway). Better yet, go pet some pups and have a drink at Mutts Canine Cantina (2889 Cityplace W. Blvd.) and then go hang with the other cool kids at Double Wide (3150 Commerce St.). 

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