The Mixmaster's Horror Movie Countdown, October 6: Suspiria

I credit two people for introducing me to the wonderful world of Dario Argento and to both of them I'll be eternally grateful. I love a good gorefest, but I especially love an artful one -- one that entails vivid colors, ballet (an almost career choice) and the music of Goblin.

My first Suspiria viewing was during a date-ish event in my early 20s. There was popcorn, a unusually large sofa, cigarettes and, naturally, pie.

I was mesmerized from the first scene. The rain as Suzy tried to make her way to the school of dance -- she had a scholarship, right, so she had to be fresh and on time! The stress.

After that, the upsetting elements just piled one on top of each other, layer after layer after layer. Grubs falling from the ceiling, weird sounds, possible poison, razors, demons, communal sleeping situations, Udo Kier.

Dario Argento can claim many incredible horror films -- all with his spectacular patented technique of juxtaposing evil with bright and stylish Italian design. But it in 1977's Susperia, it's all too much and therefore, perfection.

Most Memorable Scene:

Clearly there are a great many "favorite" scenes from Suspiria, so it's hard to say exactly which is the most memorable. The easy choice would be the stained glass death, but that's really just because it's been seen so many times. The razor wire was up for the nod, but, let's be honest, it's not gross enough compared to the Italian horror maestro's other scenes. There's the heavy breathing evil, but who wants to see that unless you've watch the entire movie?

So the winner? Blind guy in the square. Not only does this scene last just too-long enough to make you feel really "What's behind me!?" but it allows you time to totally freak out on behalf of the rather dapper gent and his seeing-eye dog. Until, that is, the evil takes over and the little canine helper helps himself to some jugular ... and the Argento trademark of pigment-enhanced blood.

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