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Troll Alex Stein Kicks Off His Blaze Show With Proud Boys Founder at Dealey Plaza

Gavin McInnes, left, yells at audience members on the inaugural episode of Prime Time with Alex Stein, right, on The Blaze channel.
Gavin McInnes, left, yells at audience members on the inaugural episode of Prime Time with Alex Stein, right, on The Blaze channel. Screenshot from YouTube
Blaze TV, founded by conservative pundit Glenn Beck, recently gave human troll Alex Stein his own TV show. You know Stein. He's the guy who shows up at city council meetings wearing women's bathing suits and dresses so he can scream about transgender rights and abortion. He goes to drag shows that have received threats of violence and harasses performers, calling them and their supporters "sick child groomers." He even wants to be on the Highland Park ISD school board because, you know, comedy.

Now he's the host and star of his own late-night show, Prime Time with Alex Stein, on the subscription-based channel, which has headquarters in Dallas. The Blaze's website claims Stein's show will be "an unscripted roller coaster ride that mocks political correctness and takes on the liberal world order with courage and humor."

Stein kicked off his show over the weekend with Gavin McInnes, the founder of the alt-right group The Proud Boys, which the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) classifies as a hate group because its members and leaders "regularly spout white nationalist memes" and "anti Muslim and misogynistic rhetoric" and rewards "those who have gotten in a 'fight for the cause'" with opportunities to improve their status in the club.

McInnes has also provided financial support to white supremacist websites such as and American Renaissance, and calls himself "Islamaphobic" and "sexist" and refers to transgender people as "gender n——s" and "stupid lunatics," according to the SPLC.

Stein's segment with McInnes goes off the rails almost immediately after Stein introduces him as a teacher of "race relations."

"We're learning here at Prime Time with Alex Stein," Stein says. "You're gonna learn about proper race relations from a race expert named Gavin McInnes."

McInnes starts screaming at the audience in the very next sentence, as Stein tries to keep him on point. Then the two begin shouting over each other.

"I'm also an expert in 'get off your fucking phone!'" McInnes screams at someone behind the camera.

"No!" Stein yells in response. "Do not talk to the audience!"

Later on in the haze of screams, McInnes turns to the other side of the screen and tells someone else to "Shut up! We can hear all your chattering!"

"This is the most annoying background I've ever been a part of!" McInnes says as he settles back into his chair. "Fuck!" Meanwhile on Stein's YouTube channel, he continues his hangout with McInnes as the two take a day trip to Dealey Plaza and The Sixth Floor Museum, which McInnes calls "boring."

While walking through the museum's ground floor lobby, Stein describes the landmark as the place where "quote-unquote Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK," and making air quotes around the "quote-unquote."

"I didn't know the story of JFK," McInnes says as they walk up to the museum. "I just saw the pictures and I thought she's [presumably referring to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the widow of President John F. Kennedy who was in the same car when Kennedy was shot in Dallas] got that gorgeous ass and she's slumped over him. Why is he ignoring it and I realize now he had no brains."

The two also talk with some of the conspiracy peddlers who hang out in the plaza and conjecture about how JFK's shooting was organized by the "Italian mafia," according to McInnes, and "the rumor that JFK committed suicide," according to Stein.

"We've got some weirdo who's obsessed with JFK and some homeless man talking to people with some tarp he made," McInnes says referring to two of the conspiracy peddlers and their signage. "These two guys are way better than the museum, which is just a sanitized crappy version printed out on foamboard. I guess someone went to Kinko's and then another entire floor based on woke civil rights, Blackity-Black history. What the hell does this have to do with anything?" 
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