10 Best Concerts of the Week: Lorelei K, Raul Malo, FIT and More

Avant-pop star Lorelie K returns to the stage Thursday night for her first show since the start of the pandemic.
Avant-pop star Lorelie K returns to the stage Thursday night for her first show since the start of the pandemic. Emilio Mesa
Several singers are breaking away from their bands to play music for you this week starting with Matthew Logan Vasquez of the Delta Spirit, Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup and Raul Malo of The Mavericks. There are also some brand new bands to check out this week like FIT, Hard Detox and Stymz, who have just been itching for a live stage after the pandemic year. This week also sees the return of North Texas favorites Lorelie K, Sarah Ruth and American Shit Storm. Start marking up those weekend calendars.

Matthew Logan Vasquez
6 p.m., Thursday, April 29, at FireHouse Gastro Park, 321 W Main St., Grand Prairie, $25 at

Matthew Logan Vasquez, guitarist and vocalist for Delta Spirit, has been writing and recording for this solo project since November 2015, when he released his epic 17-minute single “Austin.” Vasquez has gone on to release three solo albums, including his most recent Light’n Up, and a few EPs before returning to record with Delta Spirit in 2020. His acoustic set this week at FireHouse Gastro Park in Grand Prairie will receive local support from Garrett Owen.

Lorelei K
7 p.m., Thursday, April 29, at Tulips, 112 St. Louis Ave., $0-$20 at

Dallas’ avant-pop superstar Lorelei K returns to the performance stage Thursday evening at Tulips with a little help from DJ Ronnie Hart. Lorelei K has been kept busy during the pandemic working on her latest Mythic Girl EP, appearing in a collaboration with metal band Mountain of Smoke and building up her portfolio in visual arts. Her new EP is a lush, dreamy album that showcases the artist's haunting vocals and superior writing capabilities with songs about love, loss and letting go.

Jaret Reddick
7 p.m., Thursday, April 29, at Legacy Hall, 7800 Windrose Ave., $18-$400 at

Bowling for Soup front man Jaret Reddick has been involved in many children's projects since the band’s heyday, performing the introduction to the Disney Channel TV show Phineas and Ferb and the vocal theme for video game Sonic Unleashed. Reddick is also the voice of none other than Charles Entertainment “Chuck E.” Cheese. This Thursday night, Reddick will perform an acoustic show going through some old favorites over some drinks at Legacy Hall in Plano.

Sarah Ruth and Damon Smith
7 p.m., Thursday, April 29, at The Wild Detectives, 314 W. Eighth St., $15 at

It's tough to classify exactly what kind of musical artist Sarah Ruth is, but whatever she is, it’s amazing. Through the years, Ruth has played doom metal with They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy, ambient music, noise or 20th-century compositions, all with a variety of instruments including a hammered dulcimer, harmonium and her unmatched extended vocal techniques. This Thursday’s performance at The Wild Detectives in Oak Cliff finds her performing with improvisational avant-jazz bass player Damon Smith.

9 p.m., Thursday, April 29, at Main at South Side, 1002 S. Main St., Free at

Playing their first show this week at Main at South Side in Fort Worth is a new alternative/hard rock band based out of Wylie, called Stymz. The best way to describe Stymz is to think about the music playing on alternative radio stations when the grunge had all but gone away and nu metal was still being conceived. Bands like Bush come to mind. Helping Stymz out with their first show ever are Spencer Wharton & the Static Creatures and Higuera.

Raul Malo
5:30 p.m. & 8:15 p.m., Friday & Saturday, April 30 & May 1, at The Kessler, 1230 W. Davis St., $44 - $624, at

Raul Malo has spent over 30 years as the lead singer of country music band The Mavericks, and for nearly 20 of those years he's simultaneously pursued a solo career, releasing seven critically acclaimed albums over the course of 12 years. While his solo output has wavered since 2012, his production with The Mavericks has remained solid as he continued to perform solo shows like the four concerts happening this weekend at The Kessler with support from country classicist Whitney Rose.

American Shit Storm
8 p.m., Friday, April 30, at Three Links, 2704 Elm St., $10 at

For almost 10 years, American Shit Storm frontman Jacob Sereno played the role of singer Jello Biafra in Dallas’ ultimate Dead Kennedys tribute band Dallas Über Alles, and while American Shit Storm is a completely different band, one cannot help but see Biafra’s influence in the spectacle of Sereno’s performance. Fiery, satirical and always political, American Shit Storm is old-school, bookstore punk for the 21st century. Helping to get the show moving at Three Links on Friday are The Faps and THYROIDS.

7 p.m., Saturday, May 1, at Tulips, 112 St. Louis Ave., $0-$20 at

For some time now, Sealion frontman Hunter Moehring has hinted at a new project in development, and there just isn’t really a whole lot we can say about it right now. We know that the band’s first single “Modern Lovers” comes out May 14 on Dreamy Life Records and that the band also features Sealion drummer Alex Poulos, Adam & The Figurines’ Joel Bradley on bass and Coywolfe’s Hunter Cannon on guitar. We also know that the 23 seconds of material we have heard sounds intense. Finally, we know that they will play their first show Saturday night at Tulips with support from Phantomelo and Springtime and the Changes

Beaver, Hard Detox, Phorids, Sloth Fist
7 p.m., Sunday, May 2, at Gas Monkey Bar ‘n’ Grill, 10261 Technology Blvd. E, $10-$80 at

Get ready for a Sunday night like none other when four of the most hardcore punk bands in local music take the Gas Monkey Bar ‘n’ Grill stage. This is one of two shows this weekend for the longstanding punk band Beaver, which has been teasing a new album or EP or something since August. Hard Detox is one of the current projects for former Blot Out front man Zach Abrego. Phorids are bringing back the sound and energy that made Henry Rollins-era Black Flag famous. And, Sloth Fist is ready to thrash at their first show of the year. Get loud, get rowdy, but remember to maintain a respectful distance from those who choose not to get in the pit.

St. Yuma
8 p.m., Sunday, May 2, at Three Links, 2704 Elm St., $10 at

Dallas indie psych-folk band St. Yuma released their first full-length album Here & Then back in 2018, and this year they released two new singles. Their latest, “Jupiter,” released March 21, is a sleepy track that builds over two-and-a-half minutes with strings and echoing harmonies. Opening the show at Three Links will be new label Red Zeppelin's recording artist Bayleigh Cheek celebrating the release of her first single, “Release Me,” and experimental electro-folk artist Benj Pocta.

The Wee-Beasties Punk Rock Car Wash
12 p.m., Sunday May 2, at Riprocks Bar and Grill, 1211 W. Hickory St., Donations encouraged

This one is more of an honorable mention. It’s not actually a concert, but it will definitely be a show. To help raise funds for their new album, post-hardcore band The Wee-Beasties will host a pay-what-you-want car wash in the Riprocks parking lot this Sunday, May 2, from noon until 2 p.m. Food and drinks will be available at the bar while your car is washed by a band well-known for their wild antics. Last we heard, trumpet player Tomo Hanson had ordered Speedos for everyone. Don't miss the excitement!
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