When Texas Was the Center of the Music Universe

This week's cover story chronicles the 11 day stretch in early March when Texas becomes the center of the music universe. There were festivals in Denton and Austin and Dallas and Grand Prairie and on and on. We were at a lot of them, and in case you find tons of blog posts presented in backward chronological order not particularly user friendly, we've gathered them all in one place. Peruse at your leisure, and start planning for next year.

Cover Story: The 11 Busiest (and Buzziest) Days in Texas Music From 35 Denton to SXSW, Snoop to Spillover, traversing Texas in search sonic bliss.

Thursday, March 7 -How John Wesley Coleman Looked to Old Friends to Save His Set at 35 Denton, by Rachel Watts -The Best from 35 Denton Night One: The Dancing, The Technological Advances and The Artisanal Jello Shots

Friday, March 8 -The Best Thing About Denton: Interviews with Vendors, Bands, Policemen and Fans, by Kiernan Maletsky -Six Musicians Show Us What's in Their Pockets at 35 Denton, by Rachel Watts -35 Denton Outdoor Stages Evacuated, Solange Indoors: Live Blog -The Best from 35 Denton Night Two: Metal Wrestling and Fence Repair

Saturday, March 9 -13 Things That Make for the Perfect House Show, by Rachel Watts -The Stage Crew Diaries: A Tribute to the Volunteers of 35 Denton, by Brian Rash -The Best of 35 Denton Night Three: Thunder and Other Noises

Sunday, March 10 -I Met Thurston Moore at 35 Denton. Don't Worry -- He's Really Nice, by Brian Rash -The Texas Music Revolution Felt Pretty Revolutionary, Actually -Five Ways to Solve the Energy Crisis Preventing Us from Tweeting Photos of Dogs in Shirts at Music Festivals, by Gavin Cleaver -The Best of 35 Denton Night Four: Herb, Jameson and Finding Our Limits

Wednesday, March 13 -March Madness: Festival Season in Texas Requires Stamina and Flexibility, by Vanessa Quilantan -What You're Missing at SXSW: Missed Connections and Crappy Free Crap, by Craig Hlavaty -The Five Biggest Sellouts at SXSW, by Kiernan Maletsky

Thursday, March 14 -50 Important SXSW Music Questions, by Nick Rallo -Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at McFarlin Auditorium: Review, Photos and Setlist, by Gavin Cleaver -10 Signs Your Band Won't Make It at SXSW, by Craig Hlavaty

Friday, March 15 -There's an App to Get You Laid at SXSW, But You Absolutely Don't Need the Help, by Kiernan Maletsky -The Ten Dumbest Things Overheard at SXSW, by Craig Hlavaty

Saturday, March 16 -Snoop Dogg's St. Patrick's Day Concert: Review and Photos -Photos and Observations From The Drunkest Place on Earth: St. Patrick's Day in Dallas -Why SXSW is Worth it, Even if You Have No Plans and No Access, by Deb Doing Dallas

Sunday, March 17 -Spillover 2013: Sand, Sound and Finding Peace in Metal Shows, by Gavin Cleaver -The Nine Worst Things About SXSW -The 12 Best Things About SXSW 2013

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Kiernan Maletsky
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