Drop Head Gorgeous

If you see one of these Bentleys crusing around town, it might just be Gene Street. And he might just be checking you out.

Legendary restaurateur Gene Street, chairman of Consolidated Restaurant operations, says the company's III Forks steakhouse is poised to pull in $13 million this year, making it one of the highest grossing restaurants in the state. This is substantial, especially given the turmoil on the Tollway, what with the departure of Smith & Wollensky and all. But that's not important now. What is important is that Gene Street is going blond. But not until March 1, despite promising he'd be a towhead by Thanksgiving. Why March 1?

"That's when my car gets here," he says. That car is a Bentley Azure, a $350,000 drop-top with a twin-turbo, 6.8-liter V8 spinning some 450 horsepower. But why the delay? "It's a custom color," he says.

Wait till you hear the name of the color. It's after the jump, along with what Street plans to do with his new ride.

"It's called Dallas Blond," Street says. "I'm going to move to Florida and get me some yella britches and a pink coat...I'm going to go Gorgeous George."

That's quite a leap up from Street's typical ride, a black Ford Crown Victoria, the pride and joy of police departments across the country, though Street always made to customize his rides -- with Ferrari badges, for instance. So what's Street going to do now that's he dumped his black Ford for a Dallas blond Bentley and a blond coif? Pick up chicks, of course. In Frisco.

"There's so many good-looking women," he says. "Now that I'm single, I'm only datin' things north and west. I'm not going east or south. North and west is a whole new world...The higher the blond, the closer to heaven. And I want to go to heaven." --Mark Stuertz

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.