The Good Guys' Reboot Is About to Kick In. But Its Ratings Could Really Use the Boost.

Now, apparently, it's time for our semi-regular Good Guys update. I haven't yet watched Friday night's episode (I was here, Section 314, the only guy in a tie), but the wife watched -- big Gary Cole and Elbow Room fan. She was among the few: The numbers are in, and The Good Guys' showing put Fox at the very bottom of the over-the-air networks' ratings pile -- as in, behind The CW (say, Smallville's still on?) and Univision (well, come on, it is Soy Tu Dueña).

Keep in mind, true believers, that this Friday night is when the Good Guys' reboot kicks in: Angela Sarafyan starts her run as "assistant evidence tech Samantha," and Ed Begley Jr. shows up as Jack's Uncle Nate. And I see they brought Gail Stanwyk up from Austin -- why does no one tell me these things? Still, the increasingly low numbers have some locals fretting the show's to be short-lived -- hence, I assume, one Friend's forwarding of this Save The Good Guys Petition that's been making the rounds. Though creator Matt Nix recently tweeted that "our ratings don't need to rise as much as you might think. The show isn't expensive to make!"

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