10 Best Craft Beer Bars in Dallas

You can get local craft beer at just about any bar in Dallas these days, and it will only get easier as more breweries continue to spring up. Bars that specialize in craft beer, local or otherwise, are a little harder to come by. When you really want to embrace your inner tap hunter, the following bars are here to help you. Start with a local lager and work your way through Texas and far beyond. Only your liver can limit you. 

Craft and Growler
This place offers a never-ending rotation of beers that moves so fast they should probably consider running pipelines to a few local breweries. Some customers come in for a glass or two, while others stop in to fill jugs to take home. Many customers do both, which is why popular kegs get kicked in an instant. Fill up while you can.

Meddlesome Moth
The Moth has been around just long enough that it’s starting to feel like a fixture. A seat at the long bar grants you access to one of Dallas’ most extensive beer collections, from local special releases to hard to find bottles from around the world. Step out onto the patio when the weather is good and enter what seems like a beer garden oasis. Paradise? Close enough.

The Libertine is a fixture on the Dallas beer drinking circuit with its huge beer selection and bar room that’s consistently filled with East Dallas locals. Beer dinners and other events give beer enthusiasts even more excuses to throw back a glass of suds.

This bar feels a little isolated, standing by itself on Fitzhugh Avenue, but it’s worth seeking out, if only for their sprawling collection of craft beer and excellent bar food. The people-watching is good here, too. Strangeways is filled with characters as much as it is with beer.

You’ve always got a friend at Goodfriend. With a massive horseshoe bar framing an eclectic beer selection with a slant toward local brews, this far East Dallas haunt draws a social crowd. Grab a burger, toss back a few Velvet Hammers and you’ll find yourself with drinking buddies even if you came here alone.

The Ginger Man
With a few locations around the Dallas area, The Ginger Man is a darts and bros sort of place where nobody takes their beer snobbery too seriously.

The Old Monk
The fish and chips and the climate-controlled patio are reason enough to come here. The beer selection only seals the deal. The Old Monk is stuck in time — in a good way. Come here to see what drinking on Henderson Avenue used to be like before the luxury apartments began marching east through the neighborhood.

If you’re in need of a beer at Trinity Groves, LUCK is by far your best option. Their taps pour local craft beer exclusively, and many of the dishes in the kitchen make use of the suds, too. If you happen to get hungry while you’re drinking all that beer, the torta is a keeper.
Common Table
This Uptown beer bar seems to host a special tapping of some sorts every night. Built into a small house with a big porch, drinking beer here is like drinking at your buddy’s house, except someone else clears the table.

The Foundry
Massive doors effectively remove a whole wall, making The Foundry an expansive indoor/outdoor drinking space like no other in Dallas. Boxcars frame the patio, along with a stage, and Chicken Scratch takes care of the food. Grab some fried chicken and a few beers, and grab yourself a picnic table. Here’s hoping it's a long afternoon.
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