Chino Chinatown and Goodfriend Are about to Improve Your Weekday Lunch Options

Put down that boring sandwich, step away from the jimmyjohns.com, cease and desist your endless and idealess G-chats to coworkers. It's time to eat a better lunch.

Starting next week the mid-day meal options in Dallas grow by two when Chino Chinatown in Trinity Groves and Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House in East Dallas will begin serving lunch.

Sidedish put up an ebullient blog post about the new hours at Goodfriend, but we didn't believe it until it was confirmed on the restaurant's Facebook. page. (Journalistic standards and what have you.) Starting February 7, Goodfriend will open at 11 a.m. Friday through Monday. All other days, the burger joint will open at 4 p.m. like always.

Over in Trinity Groves, Chino Chinatown announced the start of both lunch service on Feb. 1 and dim sum brunch on Sundays beginning February 9. Since early January, the Latin-Asian kitchen has been serving a dinner menu that includes flank steak drunken noodles, duck fat fried rice and coconut curry lobster shooters.

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