At Civil Pour, Craft Beer and Pour-Over Coffee Peacefully Coexist

Natural light floods Civil Pour.
Natural light floods Civil Pour. Taylor Adams
Chad and Nellie Montgomery have been working on a concept for three years – not all that uncommon in the restaurant business.

Now, that vision has become reality: Welcome to Civil Pour.

Situated in a strip mall on Walnut Hill Lane that’s seen a face lift lately, Civil Pour offers craft beer, pour-over coffee, some sweet treats and panini. The space is full of natural light, bouncing off clean lines and bright, clean colors.
click to enlarge Civil Pour's caprese panini. - TAYLOR ADAMS
Civil Pour's caprese panini.
Taylor Adams
You order at the counter, where you look up to a menu on a board and tiles of beer to choose from.

The coffee options are somewhat standard, with a cappuccino ($4) and mocha ($5). As for the actual coffee, you can get the drip coffee, which they call the commuter cup ($2.50/$2.95). It’s their signature drip — a rotating, medium-bodied blend from the local house roaster Novel Coffee.

There are some specialty coffee drinks, such as the warlock ($5.25/$5.75) with a double espresso, cocoa powder, cinnamon, cayenne, agave nectar and steamed milk.

For boozier options, 30 horizontal chalkboards give you plenty of choices. You’ll find refreshments such as Peticolas’ Duke English barleywine, Manhattan Project’s Double Half Life double IPA and Holy Kombucha’s blueberry-lavender lemonade, which is alcohol-free.
click to enlarge OK, not really what we want to see on too much beer or coffee. - TAYLOR ADAMS
OK, not really what we want to see on too much beer or coffee.
Taylor Adams
You can get any of these from 4 ounces to a growler.

The kombucha on tap makes for a refreshing option if you’re going in for lunch to get paninis, which are of the standard variety: a Cuban ($11), caprese ($9), and a pesto ($10) with chicken, mozzarella, roasted peppers and sun-dried tomato pesto.

The price gets your choice of bagged potato chips — kettle-cooked and quite good.

The meal, whether eaten there or to-go, comes wrapped in paper like you’re going on a picnic.

You get what you expect out of a panini: perfect crunch on the outside giving way to a melted filling of smooshed ingredients.

If you lean toward sweets, you can get a maple-pecan scone ($3), a cinnamon roll ($9 and proclaimed “giant”) or a classic croissant ($3.25).
click to enlarge Drip or fancy, Civil Pour will fill your cup. - TAYLOR ADAMS
Drip or fancy, Civil Pour will fill your cup.
Taylor Adams
It’s worth a drop-in if you’re in the area and you don’t have to worry about a 4 p.m. meeting if you want coffee and your companion wants a beer.

The Montgomerys started Big Texas Beer Fest to bring multiple beers together in one place, and now they can to do that year-long.

It’s a beautiful spot that provides what you need out of life: locally roasted, fresh-brewed coffee, craft beer and sustenance.

Civil Pour,  8061 Walnut Hill Lane
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