Esquire Lists Two Dallas Spots on 32 Best Gay Bars in Country

The Round-Up Saloon and Dance Hall was recently listed on Esquire's list of best gay bars in America.
The Round-Up Saloon and Dance Hall was recently listed on Esquire's list of best gay bars in America. Melissa Hennings
Esquire's editor Alfonso Fernandez Navas issued a directive to his co-workers when they sat down to plan stories about LGBTQ+ lives in the publication: Have fun.

For the team, this shift in perspective was welcome. From the introduction of the 32 Best Gay Bars in America list:
"So much of the narrative around the queer experience is centered around trauma. Illness and alienation. The pain of finding your true self, by yourself, in a hostile world, and the pain of living in a world that is swinging back toward that hostility."
The article continues to explain that while remembering those difficult and painful issues is important, it's also important to "celebrate." With that, the magazine's writers scoured the country for bars where everyone feels welcome, which is why we love both of these places on the list: The Grapevine and Round-Up Saloon.
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The backyard at The Grapevine on a recent summer night.
Lauren Drewes Daniels
The Grapevine (3902 Maple Ave.) proudly identifies as an "everything" bar. We paused for a second on the opening line in Esquire's blurb, however: "The Grapevine is shitty, but it is the shit."

We find it welcoming and dive-ish with a well-worn vintage charm. Either way, it's a great place for anyone, any day of the week. The bartenders are usually all business, and the basketball court out back is anything but. The rooftop patio is perfect for catching a sunset but watch out for those Everclear laced-Bellinis.

But, take note, as the Dallas Morning News recently reported, the Grapevine is on the move. The building was bought by Crow Holdings. Co-owner Michelle Honea assures customers, they'll relocate. We hope to have more on that soon.
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Line-dancing at The Round-Up Saloon and Dance Hall
Melissa Hennings
Round-Up Saloon and Dance Hall (3912 Cedar Springs Road) sports a tagline, "Home of Good Times and Good People." This spot is, per the blurb in Esquire, "equal parts cowboy boots and disco ball," and is highlighted for its line-dancing lessons (Thursdays), multiple bars and iconic wooden dance floor. 
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