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Going for Broke: Blow Your H&R Block Loan on These Valentine Dinners

It's hard not to be envious of kids on Valentine's Day when all they have to do is pass out store-bought cards and chalky candy hearts to classmates. You, however, are not going to win any points with your Valentine with gifts like stale candy or a Spider-Man card, but we're pretty sure you'll get laid Monday night if you take your date to a fancy three-course dinner. If you haven't applied for a tax refund anticipation loan at H&R Block, now's probably the time to fill out the paperwork if you plan on treating your Valentine to these pricey meals.

Leave it to Nana (2211 Stemmons Freeway) to offer one of the priciest Valentine's dinners in town. The restaurant is offering a four-course meal that includes a glass of pink champagne for $99 per person on Friday through Monday. You're going to need more than one glass of bubbly to come to terms with the price of this dinner, and if you want fish or a steak as an entrée, get ready to pay more. A 45-day aged prime rib-eye steak will cost you an additional $15, and the striped sea bass -- which you can catch at lakes in North Texas-- is $8 extra. Of course when you're paying $200 for a dinner for two, what's another eight bucks?

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If your Valentine wants a quiet dinner, you don't have to cook at home. Head to Victory Park -- where silence is truly golden -- to sample the extravagant tasting menu at Craft (2440 Victory Park Lane). For $95 per person, you'll enjoy dishes like smoked sturgeon with caviar, escargot and milk braised veal. The special menu is available all weekend and also on the official day of love, otherwise known as Monday, so make reservations to spend your entire paycheck soon.

Compared to the ridiculous Super Bowl promotions at Fearing's and the Ritz Carlton, the Valentine's Day menu at Fearing's (2121 McKinney Ave.) seems almost affordable. The four-course dinner features a surf and turf entrée of beef tenderloin and lobster thermidor for $95 per person, and the menu is available on Friday through Monday. The dessert offerings, a berry tart and heart-shaped ice cream sandwiches, will impress your date almost as much as a suite at the Ritz.

Should you and your date be torn between seafood and steak, head to Bolla (2927 Maple Ave.) and choose from two menus created specifically for seafood lovers and steak enthusiasts. The Lobster, Scallop and Champagne menu includes seared scallops, a Champagne-poached lobster tail and a trio of Champagne-infused desserts. On the Steak and Mushrooms menu, there's beef tartare, plus a rib-eye steak and a selection of decadent chocolate desserts. Each four-course menu is available for $85 per person on Monday only, but it's worth the price to avoid the hour or so wait at Red Lobster.

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