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Patrizio Is Leaving Highland Park Village after 25 Years

There are only a few days left to get your Patrizio fix at the popular Highland Park Village location. After 25 years of meatball plates on an impressive patio, its last day of business will be February 28.

The landlord declined to renew the lease, opting instead to rent to new restaurant and retail businesses in the spaces surrounding the Highland Park Theater. Village Kitchen, Toko V and Tom Thumb are among the other casualties at the shopping plaza.

Fans won't have to go too far to reclaim the memories of all those prom dates and birthday dinners. A new Patrizio will open in Uptown later this spring. Not long after Barter closed late last year on McKinney Avenue, Patrizio was announced as the new tenant.

The location makes sense. Restaurants with lofty culinary aspirations have not fared well in the neighborhood. In addition to Barter, Belly and Trumpet closed recently, while restaurants with more approachable menus including Del Frisco's Grille have done well. Patrizio's simple take on Italian American cooking seems like a good fit. It's due open some time in March.

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