Real Life Is for March: Five Ways to Celebrate Leap Day in DFW

I hope you're wearing blue and yellow today, because Leap Day is upon us. A magical day that happens only once every four years, the non-holiday became a pop culture mainstay after 30 Rock devoted an entire episode to inventing Leap Day mythology that includes, but is not limited to:

  • A mythical figure called Leap Day Williams who emerges from the Marianas Trench every Leap Day to turn children's tears into candy.
  • The idea that, since Leap Day is an "extra day," it's a time for taking risks and wading out into the unknown. 
  • A Robin Williams movie that follows a man who transforms into Leap Day William:

What does Leap Day mean to me? One extra day before rent is due, for one, and an opportunity to wear what is perhaps fashion's most unflattering color combination. It's also an excuse for eating, drinking and high-fiving any blue and yellow-clad pedestrians, since that means they obviously know and love 30 Rock as much as I do. Much like Leap Day, it's an American treasure and should be celebrated. Plus there are food and drink specials — good ones. Here are five ways to leap it up this Leap Day.

A free vegetarian entrée with purchase of drink at Cafe Brazil. At any Cafe Brazil location, just buy a drink, show them you like the restaurant on Facebook and henceforth enjoy a free veggie crepe, omelet, taco, sandwich or any other vegetarian meal item. The offer is for dine-in only. 

A Leap Day margarita. Created by Stephen Halpin and served today only at Parliament, the Leap Day marg is made with key lime and yuzu juice and two kinds of Patron, because why not get tequila-drunk on a Monday? Liquid nitrogen is used to give this boozy beast a sorbet-like consistency and it's topped with a "a pearl of Patrón Citrónge Orange caviar." What is that? Who knows! Leap Day is not for asking questions. It's also not for budget drinking — in classic Parliament form, this cocktail is $29.

A special Leap Day tasting at Rahr and Sons. From 5:30-7 p.m. tonight, Rahr will open its doors for a special tasting featuring limited-edition glassware, food trucks, live music from Christa Russell and the Bad Habit and plenty of beer. Obviously those calories don't count today, so make the most of it. Leap Day is not about counting carbs.

Leap Day specials at Knife. Show up to Knife at 2:29 p.m. today and you'll get a chance to eat and drink from a menu featuring cocktails and snacks that'll only set you back $2.29. A rosemary-infused gin martini, spiced moonshine and Aperol cocktail, crispy artichokes and chicken-fried chicken skins — you might as well order one of each because that's a Leap Day steal. 

All day Martin House happy hour at Rodeo Goat. No rush — you've got all day to get $3.50 well drinks, $2.50 domestics and $1 off drafts and wine. They'll have four Martin House brews on tap — Daybreak, Kafkaesque, Hibiscus Saison and Queen of the Mist — and, in typical beer nerd fashion, limited edition glassware while it lasts. 

If you need a refresher on Leap Day etiquette, 30 Rock can help you. Now get out there and celebrate. Real life is for March. 

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