Grouper Reubens are taking over the city.
Grouper Reubens are taking over the city.
Scott Reitz

Rex's Seafood Is Growing, Plans to Drench Dallas in Butter and Lemon

Rex's Seafood is spreading its fins, filling the streets of DFW with the smell of freshly steamed seafood and placing Dallas under siege by lobster roll. The Dallas Farmers Market will be the site for one location. Rex's will plate up sandwiches and other casual fare amongst the tamales, roasted nuts and hand-cranked sausages of Shed 2.

The second location will be significantly more substantial. Owner Rex Bellomy took over a restaurant space on the corner of Abrams Road and Mockingbird Lane. The space used to house Genero's, a failed attempt at upscale Tex-Mex. It's a massive building with a sizable bar, and a solid location for a new seafood restaurant.

That bar is one reason to really get excited about the new location. The Rex's on Lover's lane is pretty small, and what might have been a bar is replaced by a massive case filled with ice and seafood. The result is a casual feel that comes off like more of a café.

The Northeast Dallas location, by contrast, will allow customers to pony up on a barstool while they slurp down oysters -- a practice that's proved popular at restaurants like TJ's Seafood and Boulevardier.

The patio deserves a mention, too. It's massive, and the perfect space for outdoor seafood binging. Hopefully Bellomy will have the restaurant open in time for crawfish season. The space is only said to need some minor cosmetic changes. That and a new seafood case -- the new Rex's will serve as a small market, too.

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