Santas Rampage in Dallas this Weekend

What's a Santa Rampage, you ask? It's hundreds of Santas bar-hopping together spreading holiday cheer. They congregate, stick together (because 300 Santas entering a bar is much cooler than just three) and take the city by red, furry storm.

Organized via Facebook and Twitter, this year's rampage is planned for Saturday, December 17, and the goal is 500 Santas total. So far they have 527 "Going" and 266 "Maybe" on their FB page. All the details on where they'll meet and the exact route will be published on their site this Friday.

And if you want to play reindeer games, then you absolutely have to dress up. Creativity is highly encouraged. Some of the suggestions include "a Secret Santa, Satansaurus, a Chanukah Chicken, Stewardess Santa, Knight Rider Santa."

Because Santas like to do nice things for people, all participants are asked to bring a pillow for a giant Santa pillow fight, but hit nicely because at the end of it all the pillows will be donated to a homeless shelter.

Then everyone jumps on Dart trains to spread holiday cheer and merriment. Santas are asked to be nice to children, have gifts ready to hand out and maybe even a kazoo for caroling.

There are lots of guidelines for the Santa Rampage, and a thorough reading of the Santa's rules is highly recommended. For instance, don't get sloppy drunk because no one likes picking puke out of Santa's beard.

If you want to witness the mayhem but aren't quite brave enough to fully commit, then check them out in the Arts District and get some food truck love from Three Men and a Taco, Jack's Chow Hound, Cup Cakin' Machine and Easy Slider, from 5:30 to 9 p.m.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.