It’s Time for Tea — and Treats — from Society Bakery

Frozen goods to bake at home have become a new favorite for many of us during COVID.
Frozen goods to bake at home have become a new favorite for many of us during COVID. Taylor Adams
Society Bakery reopened its Lower Greenville spot Tuesday, and with it comes a new aspect: Societea.

Bakery owner Roshi Muns is partnering with Emily Cassady, who’s a certified tea specialist by way of the World Tea Academy. The two have known each other for three years, as Cassady was a longtime patron — understandable, because this place has been serving East Dallas delectable cupcakes since 2003.

The two came up with the idea last year and had plans to launch it this spring. Then COVID-19 swept the world. Society Bakery closed its doors when restaurants were limited to takeout. During that time, they nailed down their plan for afternoon tea and came up with a way to make it available to go.

“I think there’s a trend coming,” Muns says. “More and more people are looking to do things at home.”

So starting Thursday, one of those things you can do is have tea with your household. There are different levels where you can get different amounts of food, all paired with teas.

click to enlarge The dessert box (final course in the afternoon tea) with tea - TAYLOR ADAMS
The dessert box (final course in the afternoon tea) with tea
Taylor Adams
The full assortment is three courses. First course has three sandwiches: cream cheese and cucumber, egg salad and pimento cheese. Second course has scones — these come frozen and you bake them at home, hooray for home-baked smells — house-made clotted cream and seasonal jam. The final course has vanilla petits fours, cookies and queen’s biscuit cake.

The tea selection includes Formosa Oolong, vanilla-almond black tea and creme de Earl Grey tea.

It is a ton of food, which is why smaller packages are available. If you’re really celebrating, you can add on a custom 6-inch cake to your afternoon tea.

click to enlarge What tea time looks like during a pandemic: to-go boxes - TAYLOR ADAMS
What tea time looks like during a pandemic: to-go boxes
Taylor Adams
The baked goods are recognizable from Society — such as those mini-petits fours, which are such a perfect bite of sweetness you may find a way to not share with your household. New, though, is that queen’s biscuit cake.

“It’s a smaller version of the cake Queen Elizabeth had at tea every day,” Muns says. She also notes to keep this one in the fridge until you’re ready to serve it: It’s wrapped in parchment paper, and it’s easiest to slice it just like that.

You can visit their website, set to launch Wednesday, to find packages and arrange your order to pickup from Society Bakery.

Also new for Society is quiche, which you can pick up as a whole pie or take a slice to go. As for that pimento cheese and egg salad that are in the sandwiches at tea time, you can also pick up those to-go from the bakery, too, now.

click to enlarge Roshi Muns (left) and Emily Cassady - TAYLOR ADAMS
Roshi Muns (left) and Emily Cassady
Taylor Adams
Standing in the patio of Society Bakery, where you can now get baked goods and quiche curbside, one can see where intimate teas could happen here one day.

And now that Society is serving again, we need those cupcakes. And with the lost business from canceled graduations, weddings, baby showers and more, Society needs its loyal customers more than ever to indulge a little bit in those treats.

Society Bakery, 3610 Greenville Ave. (Lowest Greenville). Open for curbside pickup 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Societea packages will be available for pickup 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.
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