Water Grill's Cider Lowball Will Knock You Out of Your Tryptophan Trance

Is the feather of the turkey the same as hair of the dog?
Is the feather of the turkey the same as hair of the dog? courtesy Water Grill
If you're more into oysters than turkey leftovers, Water Grill might be the spot to ease your Thanksgiving hangover. With a happy hour offering a dozen of their fresh oysters for $18 and bites starting at $6, you can bet we're coming down from our tryptophan high (and our family) at this Uptown restaurant.

To help, they also have plenty of the hair of the dog, including the Cider Lowball. This easy sip is their November special featuring your favorite fall flavors — bourbon, apple juice and vanilla. They add just a touch of Benedictine to funk it up a bit, just so you know you're actually drinking something alcoholic.

This cocktail will be available through the end of November.

Cider Lowball ($14): straight bourbon whiskey, unfiltered apple juice, lemon, vanilla syrup, Benedictine and dusted with grated nutmeg

Water Grill, 1920 McKinney Ave (Uptown)
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Susie Oszustowicz