10 Lucky Dogs Will Win Spun Chairs From the Nasher Sculpture Center

Perhaps one of the most lovely art exhibitions in town this year was Provocations at the Nasher Sculpture Center. Featuring the design work of the UK's Heatherwick Studio, it featured small scale models, or bits and pieces of designs from around the globe, all of which demonstrated the company's humanistic approach to creation. Not only was it fascinating to see the spectrum of the company's work, it was also revelatory to get to know up close an architecture studio that emphasizes people and how they use the buildings or interact with the designs, rather than creating a formulaic recognizable standard.

But I'll stop bandying. One of the best parts of the exhibition was a simple one: a chair without a back that spins without throwing you out. They were displayed outside next to garden and they were a hit. Everyone went for a spin in the Spun Chairs, which is why you might be excited to hear the Nasher Sculpture Center is giving 10 of the chairs away to a few lucky Instgrammers. And just FYI, I'm only telling you about this to make the competition more fun. I plan to enter every day; if you want to win, I'm your obstacle.

Here's what you'll have to do to beat me:

--- Upload a photo of yourself spinning in one of the chairs to the Nasher Facebook page or the Instagram, @nashersculpturecenter.

-- Write a fun caption.

--Hashtag it #nasherspintowin

--- The team at the Nasher will choose the image with the best caption and announce a winner daily at 4 p.m.

---Enter daily, December 26, 2014-- January 4, 2015

Confused? I hope so. I'll laugh at you from my newly won Spun Chair when you screw up. Or you can read the full rules here.

Now get spinning. Or don't. I don't care.

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