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15 Awesome Things To Do In Dallas This Week: July 26 to 31

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It's finally happening: The world record title for most shaving cream pies thrown is on Tuesday!

Any week with pie-chucking is already a winner, but you aren't limited to competitive slap stick. There's a beer pong tournament, Design District Gallery Day (with free beer!), complimentary facials by Estee Lauder, free nails by Nicki Minaj's nail artist and a visit from Snoop Dogg's mom! Treat yo' self, but also treat your friends by sharing this list so everyone can get in on the fun. I'll see you at pie-throwing: I'll be the one wearing the head cam. Let's pie each other!

Thursday 7/26 Vistas at Kettle Art -- This collection of landscape photography was curated by none other than Oak Cliff's Erica Felicella, that performance artist/shutter bug who sealed herself in a Plexiglas box behind the Kessler for two days. I can't wait to see what she puts together for this show -- we know that the artists are local, and it's at Kettle, so it won't be boring. Go support.

Ladies in the Pulpit Launch Party -- While it's a well documented fact that Snoop Dogg wasn't born, but instead materialized as a heavy-lidded baby on the set of a rap video, one woman insists that she pushed him out the old-fashioned way. And that his "real name" is Calvin. She's Beverly Broadus-Green, an evangelist preacher, Snoop Momm, and star of a new reality show called Ladies In the Pulpit.

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