Five Must-See Documentaries at Denton's Thin Line Film Festival 2013

Now in its 6th year, the Thin Line Film Fest brings 11 days of documentary goodness to the streets of Denton. If you were burned in your youth with preachy docs that couldn't hold your attention, it's time to re-explore the medium. Thin Line guides you through the best of the best, while also showcasing its mutated forms, like docufictions, mockumentaries, docudramas, animated docs and more, including one fake doc thrown in there all sneaky-like. That's right, a cinematic red herring. Those scamps.

We wanted to make the experience easier for you, so we've culled the schedule and picked our five favorites. Check out Thin Line's full schedule here, and ticket pricing here. (You can buy shows one at a time or in bulk.) And now, the movies:

Raid of the Rainbow Lounge - Saturday, February 9th

A timely look at the struggles of the LGBT community, this doc shows the controversial 2009 police raid of the Fort Worth gay bar and the effect it had on the community as a whole.

5 Broken Cameras - Sunday, February 10

Nominated for the 2013 Best Documentary Feature Oscar, 5 Broken Cameras is the product of Palestinian farmer Emad Burnat's need to document the life of his family and village, from births and celebrations to protests and untimely deaths.

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye

- Thursday, February 14 This is a love story unlike any other, where the idea of becoming one together is taken to a whole new level, thanks to a team of plastic surgeons.

Backyard Blockbusters

- Friday, February 15 Movies about making movies are so very meta, but this doc on the emergence of fan films is a must-see for everyone, from sci-fi geeks to kids with capes - and it's Lucas-approved.

The Central Park Five

- Sunday, February 17 Sarah Burns and her father Ken (yes, that Ken Burns) co-directed this doc about the five youths wrongly convicted in the Central Park rape case of the '80s.

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