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The Best Movies, New and Old, to See in Dallas this Week, March 21 to March 24

Every week, we find you five movies for you to check out over the coming week or weekend, from the latest wide release to weird local screenings to timely classics you can watch on your couch. Did we miss something? Let readers know in the comments.

Badlands Now available on DVD and Blu-Ray Terrence Malick's first film has been given a special DVD and Blu-Ray treatment just about a month ahead of the theatrical release of his newest film, To the Wonder. Over the years, Malick's work has become more philosophical, more visually ambitious and some might say more self-important. Badlands bears a strong resemblance to these later works, but it's also more straightforward, perhaps more pure, and not as self-consciously beautiful.

It tells the story of two teens (played by Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek) who fall in love before embarking on killing spree. The movie isn't as grim as it sounds, but that doesn't mean it isn't serious about its subject. It also manages the difficult feat of granting its characters a certain amount of innocence and romance. Their actions are born out of naivety, not evil, lending Badlands an appropriate tone of wistful melancholy. It's an essential piece of seventies cinema.

The Neverending Story Screens Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Texas Theatre Everyone has their Bambi moment, and for a lot people that's, you know, Bambi. For this child of the eighties it was The Neverending Story, the first English-language film from Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot). Looking at it through adult eyes it's dated and hammy but still unnervingly strange and sad. It's also the kind of kid's movie that wouldn't get made today. If you're looking for a way to scar your little one, it plays this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Texas Theatre.

The Philadelphia Story Screening Friday night at the Palace Arts Center in Grapevine This George Cukor-directed comedy starring Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart gave Hepburn the hit she needed after a series of box office bombs. It also went on to earn six Academy Award nominations, including wins for Stewart and the movie's screenwriter. Classic movie-lovers in the Dallas area will have a chance to see the 1940 romantic comedy on the big screen at the Palace Arts Center.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Screens Saturday night at the Inwood Theatre It's not like midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture are hard to find, but this one comes complete with the saucy cast of Los Bastardos. You probably weren't planning on bringing the kids, but still...don't bring the kids.

Ginger & Rosa Opens Friday at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas This 2012 film from English filmmaker Sally Potter opened stateside last Friday when it hit New York. This Friday in opens in Dallas. It features teenage starlets Elle Fanning and Alice Englert as two friends whose friendship is challenged by the cultural changes of the 1960s. Check out the trailer below.

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