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8 Late-Night Music Venues and Parties to Check Out in Dallas

When the party isn't quite over, find a late night venue such as Rainbow Vomit in Dallas.
When the party isn't quite over, find a late night venue such as Rainbow Vomit in Dallas. Roderick Pullum
The late-night music scene in Dallas is more prominent that you think. With many lounges and venues to check out, there is no shortage of places to continue dancing and vibing late at night. Many Dallasites need a safe place to go to after they’ve been clubbing all night, and there are plenty of great late-night spots where you can check out new music while sobering up. Take a look at the best late-night music spots in Dallas, and follow them on social media to get updates on where they will be next.

Located at an underground warehouse, Voltage is known for its highly energetic vibes, powerful dream beam laser lights and audio. At this venue, you can literally feel the vibrations of the house and techno music throughout your body. Voltage aims to create a safe place for people to hang out, dance and have fun. This is not a place for heavy partying, but rather a space to simply connect with others who enjoy discovering new talent in Dallas. Here, you'll find art vendors, live paintings, fashion shows and prominent electronic artists.

Voltage is for the art and music lovers. They take in pride in attracting crowds without egos, so leave the judgements and status seeking at the door. You won’t be seeing a lot of phones out on the dance floor at Voltage: It's a living-in-the-moment crowd. The events start at 2 a.m. and go until 6 a.m. on Fridays and Saturday nights. Text 214-308-2135 for the address and find them on Instagram at @voltageafterhours.

Jack’s House
Jack’s House is an underground location at a warehouse and photography studio with colorful neon lights. The vibes here are mellow and the soundtrack is traditional house music. If you’re looking for a lowkey, safe space to hang out and listen to some good quality, original house music, then this is exactly your spot. Residencies include DJs Willie Trimmer, John Wayne, Pass the 40 and Monstax. The cover is $25 at the door, and you will need to DM them on Instagram for the address. You can also take a bunch of cute photos at their little mini-themed studios ranging from a cactus desert to a swing with green leaves and a neon hearts background. Crowds from It’ll Do in Deep Ellum will usually come to Jack’s House to continue the late-night music vibes. Lastly, this is also not a place to drink until you pass out, so definitely only come if you are bringing positive vibes, want to see the best DJs and genuinely have an appreciation for house music. Doors open at 2 a.m. and go until 6 a.m., only on Saturday nights going into Sunday morning. Find them on Instagram under @jackshousedallas.

Rainbow Vomit
3609 Parry Ave.
If you’ve seen Rainbow Vomit before, then you know how this is easily one of the most Instagrammable places in Dallas. At this pop-up art gallery, you'll find photo-ops in every corner. From the life-sized unicorn that can carry 300 pounds to the cotton candy-like laser beamed clouds reminiscent of the work of Dallas artist Shamsy, the visuals are magical. When Rainbow Vomit closes at 2 a.m., they often continue the party by moving the celebrations to another location. The venue will often change every other weekend, so pay close attention to Rainbow Vomit's social media for the address. They will post flyers on their Instagram or website. The parties are in support of “dance, music, art and community,” as stated on their website, so there will be plenty of house, funk, techno and a festival atmosphere. Past locations have included warehouses in the Design District. Visit for more info or @rainbowvomitdallas on Instagram.

Next Level Dallas
11528 Harry Hines Blvd.

OK, so the location for Next Level Dallas isn’t the best, but their venue certainly makes up for it. What was once Bellagio is now Next Level Dallas, not to confused with Next Level Events, where they play a mix of hip-hop and Latin and sometimes even some pop or top 40. This is the perfect club to pop bottles in, as it has plenty of bottle service. Everything is fancier since the venue upgraded everything: The TVs are bigger, the stages are even wider and the club has increased in size, which means far more room on the dance floor. Next Level is open from Wednesdays to Sundays with (depending on the day) doors opening from 1 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. Find them on Instagram at @nextlevel_dallas.

10242 N. Walton Walker Blvd.

If you like Latin and hip-hop music, then you'll be called to this Dallas lounge's open dance floor. And if you’re into the club scene and looking for bottle service, Flamingo is the way to go. The crowd ranges from Gen Z to millennials, and it’s a diverse mix with many of international tourists. Flamingo is centrally located and is known for its proximity to other clubs such as Cowboy Red River. The cover is $20 to get in with cash and $23 with a card. Hours are from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Find them on Instagram as @flamingodallas.

Cosmic Clouds
14225 Inwood Road
Cosmic Clouds is one-of-a-kind, truly unique vape shop in Farmers Branch. It's a smoke shop that actually hosts late-night kickbacks. You have to see the beauty and artwork of this place for yourself by walking into a completely immersive artistic shop full of UV-activated wall murals. When the lights are off, the UV lights illuminate these paintings and make the shop come to life. The space-theme spot has a glowing astronaut that takes the center of the back wall. It feels like you’re stepping into a whole other world in your subconscious. All of the art pieces are by Dallas muralist Jerod “DTOX” Davies. Owners Dustin Douglas and Shelby Ogden have created a wonderfully positive late-night hang out, a laidback kickback to accommodate those who want to buy a vape, chill and vibe to some good electronic music. The venue is pretty spacious and has an open dance floor with open decks, so anyone can go and practice their DJing skills. The high tech sound, equipment lighting and screen production translate to the atmosphere of an actual electronic concert.

Cosmic serves pizza provided and has a video wall for video games. They also sell rave gear and LED props. Cosmic Clouds, it is LGBTQ+ friendly, and is 21 and up, so be prepared to show some ID. It’s free and open to the public, but you should remember to support your local businesses and buy something. They have plenty of non-smoke items such as snacks and candy. Cosmic Clouds is open during normal business hours and remains open on Fridays and Saturdays until 5 a.m. Find them on Instagram at @shopwithcosmic or call 469-447-5216.
Pulsation Nation
Pulsation Nation throws pop-up after-hours every other week, offering a great chance to network with other upcoming artists while discovering new music. The owners support newer artists by giving them a platform to perform, so if you’re into DJing, Pulsation Nation will gladly give you a start. Hours are usually from 2 to 6 a.m. Contact them on Instagram at @pulsationnation to find the address.

The 444 Club (Riot Tribe)
This underground spot is for those into heavy bass, dubstep and future riddim. The 444 Club is mainly a pop-up that hosts parties every other weekend. However, when they do throw a party, it’s memorable. The 444 Club welcomes all people at a location that will change depending on the party's theme and you must DM them on Instagram for the address. Hours are usually from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. Find them on Instagram at  @riottribee or call 254-227-0645.
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