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A Combination Coffee Shop and Cocktail Bar Is Opening Soon in Fort Worth

The Live Fast, Chai Young: chai with spiced rum and cinnamon at the forthcoming Ampersand in Fort Worth.
The Live Fast, Chai Young: chai with spiced rum and cinnamon at the forthcoming Ampersand in Fort Worth. Courtesy of Ampersand
When Houndstooth Coffee opened its second Dallas location last year in Sylvan Thirty, they also launched a cocktail bar next door. With an inventive menu that includes coffee cocktails and ample sherry, Jettison quickly became one of Dallas’ most innovative new cocktail bars. Now the combination coffee-cocktail bar trend is coming to Fort Worth: Ampersand, “a coffeehouse by day and caffeine-fueled bar by night,” is opening in April at 3009 Bledsoe St. in the West 7th district.

The new concept comes from hospitality group MRTD, which includes entrepreneur Reham Choudhury, who is an investor in multiple successful concepts in Dallas. Via a press release:

During the day, Ampersand will function as a café with a menu of locally air-roasted coffee, specialty craft coffee and select coffee cocktails. Ampersand has plans to bring coffee roasting operations in house and have a master roaster on staff.

In the evenings, Ampersand will offer a unique bar menu with other coffee-inspired cocktails and coffee-spirit pairings. Featured cocktails include the Cold Fashioned, a spin on an old fashioned, infused with cold brew; the Ampersand Mule, a coffee-infused Moscow mule; a spiked vanilla bean latte; and a wine milkshake called the Amy Winehouse, made with ice cream, pinot noir and vanilla-infused vodka. Cocktails will be made with in-house infused liquors. A range of popular beverage brands will be offered, including many local options; a selection of local beers and wines will also be available. 
The 3,200 square-foot space will include modular furniture that can be rearranged. Ampersand will host coffee service from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, and the bar will be open 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday through Sunday.

This is the first of several Fort Worth projects from MRTD, according to the press release. “MRTD chose to open Ampersand and has plans to develop more projects in Fort Worth because of the local culture and community.”
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