Red dogs, black dogs, gray dogs, all dogs got love at Cane Rosso Monday night.EXPAND
Red dogs, black dogs, gray dogs, all dogs got love at Cane Rosso Monday night.
Kathy Tran

Cane Rosso Goes to the Dogs, Raising $20K for Humane Society Shelter Damaged in Fire

Last week, when Cane Rosso owner Jay Jerrier learned about a fire at that killed 74 dogs at the Humane Society of Southeast Texas, he knew immediately that Cane Rosso would donate 100 percent of its sales on Monday night to the Beaumont shelter. What he didn't know was that dozens of diners would flock to the restaurant, some waiting for three and a half hours just to order a pizza to help the Humane Society and its surviving animals. The restaurant got so busy, employees had to turn down to-go orders because the pizza box supply had been decimated. "In just five hours we raised $17,469 for the shelter ... We are going to round up and make it an even $20K and mail them a check," he said.

Jay Jerrier is a man who loves dogs, as evidenced by Cane Rosso Rescues, the dog rescue group he founded that's in the process of building a foster facility. Word spread quickly through Beaumont social media about the Dallas fundraiser, and commenters were blown away by its success.

The Humane Society launched a GoFundMe with an $800,000 goal, and as of Tuesday morning, even after about $30,000 in donations, the organization has a long way to go. Cane Rosso's $20,000 contribution will no doubt help.

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