Community-Supported Agriculture: What's the Best Dallas-Area CSA?

Breaking out the dreaded first person, here. Ever since our son was born in 2008, the missus and I have done as much as we can to provide him, and by extension ourselves, with an organic/natural, locally driven diet. It's been a challenge on our meager income. Nevertheless, we're dedicated to improve the quality of what we shovel into our maws. (I could stand to lose a few pounds!) That means learning to eat fruits and vegetables for which we don't care. It's high time I eat peaches. It's time the wife eat tomatoes, damn it!

We frequent nearby farmers markets, but now that we're moving out of my mother-in-law's house in Arlington (after moving from Brooklyn) and into our own place in Dallas, we're on the hunt for a CSA. For those who might not know, a CSA is a program in which individuals buy shares in a farm's harvest in return for a weekly provision of seasonal eats. Many of those listed on the Local Harvest website are being considered. However, the opinions of City of Ate's faithful, ever supportive readers would be helpful. What's your favorite CSA and why?

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