Community's Razzy Wit Ale Is a Perfect Fit for Summer and Your Growler

Growler use is becoming more widespread as the popularity of craft beer grows. As a result, no longer are breweries the only ones filling growlers as more and more growler-centric bars are turning on the taps in Dallas. Even Central Market and Whole Foods are getting into the game by offering growler-filling stations at all their locations. And if you don't own a growler, at some places, like Lonestar Taps and Caps in Lewisville, you can get a "crowler," a 32-ounce can of delicious craft beer to-go.

What makes the growler bars so popular with beer fans is not just the ability to walk out with 64 ounces of a beer not found bottled or canned, but that such bars offer a greater selection of rarer beers than and bar or grocery store. Recently, Peticolas' seasonal IPA, Thrilla in Brazilla, was released to much excitement, and places like Taps and Caps make getting it down your throat easy. It's nice to have something strong for when the Rangers inevitably let you down.

With summer in full swing, and the flooding at an alleged end, summer seasonal beers are starting to appear in stores and local bars again. Fruit beers are making a bigger push each year to be seen as a seasonal beer not to be laughed at, from Shiner's Prickly Pear and Ruby Redbird, to Rabbit Hole's Tweedleyum. Peticolas is even throwing lemon peel into their already-excellent Golden Opportunity. Joining in on the trend, Community Beer Co. made their entrance into fruit beers with their Belgian-style raspberry wheat ale, "Razzy Wit."

Visiting Taps and Caps this week, I ordered a pint of Razzy Wit and loved the result. Showing up with a color that looks distinctly like strawberry lemonade, Razzy Wit's flavor is a nice balance raspberries and the earthy flavor that's common to well-crafted wheat beers. What really stands about about Razzy Wit is that the beer is its crispness and mild tartness, which make this a refreshing summer drink. With a light body and only checking in at only 5.5 percent ABV, Razzy Wit that pairs well with sitting next to the pool or on a porch. If you are looking for a seasonal beer that you can order instead of slamming Bud Light all summer, Community's Razzy Wit currently comes in a can, and should be found in bars (and growlers) across Dallas.

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Brent Nuss
Contact: Brent Nuss