DFW Loves Tacos More Than Any Metro Area in the United States, Allegedly

Last month, Gallup polled Americans to determine how happy they where in their current state of residence. Illinois, home to wicked cold winters and mass murderers that dress like clowns, was unsurprisingly the state Americans were most likely to want to leave. Montana and Hawaii, meanwhile, were the two states with most satisfied residents.

Texas did well on this list too, coming in sixth in states with fewest residents who would leave if they could. The data point is interesting because another not-so-scientific study published by the real estate website Estately has declared Texas the most taco-happy state in the union. These things are surely related.

To measure our taco fanaticism, Estately looked at the percentage of restaurants that served tacos as indicated by Yelp. Then they looked at how many Facebook users in each city expressed interest in tacos in their feeds. Finally, Estately used Google to determine which residents searched for tacos the most often. Dallas actually did pretty well after the taco tallies were totaled, coming in fourth nationwide.

Austin came in just ahead of Dallas, which we should be used to by now, but Arlington and Fort Worth got the #1 and #2 spots respectively, so if you lump the Dallas/Fort Worth area together, we're the most taco crazy metro area in the county. And here you thought all that taco googling you conducted on company time was a wasted effort.

Be glad you don't live in Boston and New York, two cities that came in at the end of the list. They are living in taco wastelands.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.