Edible Soda, Deep-Fried Cannoli and So Much Bacon: More New Foods at This Year's State Fair of Texas

Last night, the State Fair of Texas announced even more new snacks — which you can taste for yourself when the fair opens Sept. 30 — and the list is, as always, equal parts insane and enticing. 

Bacon is an obvious trend this year, as it appears on eight of the 24 items announced today. Deep-fried, of course, is another common thread in the form of deep-fried cannoli bites, deep-fried clam chowder, deep-fried smoked salmon and a deep-fried, bacon-wrapped, Doritos-covered mozzarella stick. You'll notice a few brands — Doritos, mainly, along with Dr Pepper — and for the high-brow fair-goer, a dish featuring lamb cooked sous vide with a side of green mint jelly. There's even a dish that's been branded with an armadillo, because ... sure.

You'll also find a bit of sorcery in the form of the State Fair Edible Cola, "a healthier and delicious soft drink" (is that a thing?) that comes in cotton candy and candy apple flavors and is served in flavored edible cups. "For the first time ever at a State Fair, a disposable cup that you can actually eat instead of throwing it away," the Fair proudly exclaims. Hey, if we're gonna spend all day eating delicious, beautiful garbage food, we might as well eat some of our actual garbage, too. That's just being green. Peek through this slideshow at the new additions.

Four dishes were announced but did not have photos included:  

  • Deep Fried Nachos, "a cheesy masa filled with a generous portion of pepper jack cheese in the middle." The masa is, of course, made with crushed Doritos and tortilla chips, with spicy nacho cheese as a bonding agent. The resulting mass is rolled into a ball, deep-fried and slathered with nacho cheese. 

  • Duel Lamb Chop Pop with Twice Baked Potato Fries, "an Australian rack of lamb cooked Sous Vide, then seared to a juicy tender finish, served with a side of twice baked potato fries and green mint jelly." 

  • Fried Prime Rib Quesadill"O", a "Texas-style quesadilla made of herbs that have been spurred into Prime Rib, deep fried crisp and tender, add Monterey jack cheese, then we 'brand it' with an armadillo-shaped Texas branding iron. Y'all get a sidekick of Mesquite Smoked Tomato Sauce with just enough Carolina Reaper Pepper to give 'er a getty-up! Yee-haw! Come and Get it!" Just a reminder that an adult wrote those words, and without a hint of irony. Someone send the State Fair a deep-fried cocktail, because they might need it.

  • Turkey Leg Tacos, "A Texas-Sized turkey leg shredded and placed on three small tortillas" and topped "with traditional taco toppings." 

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.