Ellerbe Fine Foods Rated Top 10 Nationwide
By Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit has selected Ellerbe Fine Foods in Fort Worth as one of its top 10 best new restaurants nationwide.

Ellerbe, which opened last year on West Magnolia Avenue, has charmed critics and chefs alike with its stylish spin on traditional Southern cooking. Chef Molly McCook's fresh, local and seasonal menu currently includes braised rabbit and brie crepes; a barbecue brined pork chop; and a grilled duck breast with stone fruit marmalade and housemade bacon, served over sweet corn risotto.

Here's how Bon Appetit sums it up:

"Ever wonder what it would be like to have a charming southern grandma who invited you over to her cozy little house for Sunday supper? Ellerbe Fine Foods offers you the opportunity to enjoy a similar experience from the warm feel of the dining room (in a former service station, no less) to their everyone-is-family philosophy. And with apologies to all you southerners, the upscale country cooking is probably much better than grandma's."

Other restaurants that made the list include New York's Marea, Atlanta's Miller Union and Frances in San Francisco.

Dallas also scored a mention in the September issue's "Best Daily Specials in America" column, which cites veal schnitzel at Neighborhood Services on Mondays.

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