Fuel City to Add Fourth Location to Gas Station Empire

Fuel City, the gasoline-selling, taco-slinging, car-washing super station, will open a fourth location in Fort Worth. DFW.com reports owner John Benda says he hopes the location will be ready for next year's summer driving season. In the meantime another Fuel City is expected to open in McKinney this fall.

The original Fuel City opened in 1999 and has gained a reputation for a late-night taco scene. The gas station and taqueria combination proved the perfect place for bar and club hoppers to fuel up both their bellies and their cars before they finished driving home drunk. On weekends around 3 a.m. a line of zombies waiting for barbacoa is a given.

The second location was announced in 2012, and opened in Lufkin. That location is three times the size of the Dallas original and the Fort Worth location builds on the super-sized trend with an 8,000-square-foot store on 8.5 acres.

Like the Fuel City locations before it, the Fort Worth location will feature far more than fuel pumps and a steam table for taco making. Expect the requisite long horn ranch, modern car wash facilities, a covered patio, deli and 24-hour convenience shopping.

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