Glazed Donut Works in Deep Ellum Works Over the Late-Night Crowd with a Glazed Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The new confectioner Glazed Donut Works (2644 Elm Street) is up to late-night shenanigans in Deep Ellum. After figuring out the nuances of the morning rush (which including an opening, closing, then re-opening), they seem to have gotten their feet under them. Now they're tapping in the late-night weekend crowd in the entertainment district.

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This makes so much sense. Money never sleeps. Neither do hungry concert-goers after a show and who-knows-what-kind-of ballyhoo. In addition to their almost-lewd doughnuts, like a pineapple rum fritter and a chocolate thing that could kill, they've whipped up something special for night owls: a grilled cheese doughnut sandwich.

Last weekend Glazed tried night-time hours (they usually close by noon) for the first time and it went well. Customers have to ring the bell for service; if the gate out front is open, then they're open. Glazed will reopen this Friday and Saturday night starting at 10 p.m. and will remain open until 3 a.m. or until they sell out.

Yes, we said a grilled cheese doughnut sandwich.

Glazed promises some more special after dark items for this weekend. Although, it should be noted they're continuing to dabble in unchartered territory with their regular menu; like an apple bacon caramel fritter and a chocolate bourbon bacon bar that is topped with a strip of candied cayenne bacon. It's appropriately called the Sassy Drunken Pig.

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