Gourmands Celebrate Hairy Pigs Raised in Texas

Texas could be on the cutting edge of the rarified swine trend.

The New York Times this morning devoted 50 column inches to the little-known Mangalitsa, positing the zaftig Hungarian breed might be the "next It Hog in the great American pig-out." (The story in the Dining section wasn't the first instance of the Old Gray Lady championing the fuzzy pig: A story published in March 2009 confirmed "the Mangalitsa are making a comeback.")

Among the sources for today's story was Morgan Weber of Revival Meats, who yesterday visited City of Ate to outline the problems with shuttering small slaughterhouses. Weber keeps 30 Mangalitsa pigs on his ranch in Yoakum, and plans to sell their freshly butchered cuts and charcuterie at his soon-to-open Revival Market in Houston.

The next step, Weber says, is getting the tender, deeply-flavored meat up to Dallas. He's already fielded a number of inquiries from area chefs, including Stephan Pyles.

"At this present moment, I lack the capability of getting fresh product to your area," Weber e-mails. "Soon though. Very soon."

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